ERP System Selection Assistance

TOP 10
Vendor / Product
Selection Mistakes

1. Requirements not defined properly
Not prioritized
the higher the number the more important the requirement
Not important or commonly found everywhere
Accept Yes or No from vendors
Use numbering system – the higher the number the better the fit
Vendors compelled to be honest

2. Scope not defined
Scope creep
Change without authorization and knowledge of impact

3. Lack of Buy In
Lack of motivation
Lack of involvement by staff
Lack of compelling business case for senior management
Lack of KPIs supporting CSFs

4. Not the right people or enough of their time
Not highly motivated
Not knowledgeable about business
Not respected
Not enough time for:
Project manager/champion
Subject matter experts

5. Focus on features
Implementers lack:
industry knowledge
project management skills
business process
product expertise

6. Only considering the major vendors
New products without baggage of existing code can take advantage of new technology more quickly
Smaller vendors often focus on vertical / industry expertise
Big fish in a small pond
Small companies don't need as many new customers as the major vendors

7. Not improving business processes
New system presents best opportunity you will ever have to improve your business processes
Problems (opportunities) not evaluated and documented
Vendor's ability to improve business processes not evaluated

8. No script for the demonstration
Business processes
Problems to resolve
Linked requirements
Sample forms and reports

9. Lack of Risk Management
Avoiding naysayers
Lack of analysis
What could go wrong
What should be done about it

10. Lack of Project Management
Lack of knowledge about project management
Project Manager lacks support of upper management and tries to please everyone

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