Litigation Support

LYA is often called upon by clients, vendors and attorneys to provide mediation and/or litigation support services related to information technology disputes, including:

  • Helping clients and vendors resolve disputes through mediation in order to avoid litigation.

  • Writing an expert witness report to support or defend against a Statement of Claim or Counterclaim.

  • Testifying as an expert witness in court.

All mediation and litigation support services are provided by Lawrence Young, whose qualifications as an independent and objective information technology expert include:

  • His experience on dozens of information technology-related mediation and litigation support files in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

  • His 40 years of relevant work experience, 29 as an ERP system software author and vendor, plus 11 years as an independent and objective information technology consultant and trusted advisor.

  • His academic qualifications, which include an engineering degree in Computer Science cum laude with a joint major in business (1975).

  • His internationally recognized Certified Management Consultant license (1988).

  • His 20 years as a part-time lecturer in information technology topics at McGill and Concordia universities in Montreal.

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